To accompany the new website, Monarch Communities needed print materials as part of their marketing efforts. 
Here I built ads and marketing material for their social media accounts and print promotions. These included an event pamphlet, Facebook and Instagram ads, and website banner ads.
Task 1: Event Pamphlet

Here I purposed a custom built appearance that wouldn't seem like a template while still fitting inside a standard gatefold design. I broke from the gatefold's natural grid and had the images bleed from one panel to another.
Task 2: Social Media Ads

In the social media ads, I integrated a serene color palette and real-life imagery to convey a sense of community and personalized care. The design leveraged clean lines and ample white space for modern appeal and readability, with a clear call to action to drive engagement. The warmer tones for Spring Meadows highlighted an active, welcoming environment.
Task 3: Banner Ads

For the banner ad campaign, I crafted visuals that resonate with the core values of dignity and fulfillment in one's golden years. The imagery is intimate and relatable, featuring seniors in moments of joy and comfort, which aligns with the message "Because You Earned It." This tagline is a powerful affirmation of the residents' life achievements, making a strong emotional connection with the target retired working class audience.
The design is straightforward yet elegant, using large, legible typefaces for clear messaging against high-contrast backgrounds, ensuring visibility and impact even at a glance. Each ad is tailored to evoke the unique atmosphere of their respective communities, from the tranquil and familial to the active and engaging, inviting viewers to envision a place they can call home. The streamlined design approach caters to the limited attention span typical in a fast-paced digital environment, aiming to captivate and convey the essence of the communities swiftly.

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