For this project, I redesigned the brand for nLight, a semi-conductor laser company serving various engineering industries. The objective was to create a modern and cohesive brand identity that reflected the company's commitment to innovation and quality through research and iterative design processes.
Old Logo
New Logo
Creative Brief

nLight is an industrial laser company that’s been around for 20 years and serve industrial, microfabrication, aerospace and defense clients providing semi-conductor laser cutting services.

To create a rebrand for nLight that effectively showcases the company's products and services, while also encapsulating a tone appropriate for its audience. Currently, the logo represents the professional tone quite well, however does not explain what the company does.

Architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers in the commercial and industrial building industry. They are upper middle class, educated, business professionals who are coming to nLight with time and money on the line and who expect to be able to rely on them without complications.
Key MEssage

While nLight is a well-established and experienced semiconductor lasering company who can be trusted to meet and deliver on the unique needs of each individual client, it also puts strong emphasis for the need to constantly innovate its technology to make the impossible possible.
Supporting Rational

Because it’s all true. nLight has been around for 20 years and has worked with various high profile clients such as NASA.

Professional, informative, innovative, established, experienced, trusted, proven, technological, modern, ambitious, ever evolving.

The new logo should have a modern and clean design, with a focus on simplicity and minimalism. It should invoke a sense of technology and innovation, not quiet science fiction, but being on the forefront of technology.
Mood Board
Brand Extensions

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